Fall Update

Updates on the bread maker, cooking, enjoying the fall season, and a video of me decorating my home for fall (minimalist style).

Getting Excited about Fall

I don’t care if it’s cliché for people to choose fall as their favorite season. It’s mine too and I’m going to talk about.

Bay Area to Lake Tahoe and Back

I hadn’t been to Lake Tahoe in about a decade, even though it’s only around three to four hours from my house. The thing is, I didn’t have any good memories of the place. Let’s just say I could have lived the entire rest of my life without ever going back. But, this is where … Continue reading Bay Area to Lake Tahoe and Back

My 2000 Mile Road Trip

As I mentioned in my last post, I was inspired to redecorate my home earlier this year. During that time, I was inspired to purchase a small vase from a small garden center in Ontario, Oregon (the only place I could find it). The only issue was that they could not ship the item and … Continue reading My 2000 Mile Road Trip

Inspired to Redecorate

In May, after weeks of frustration with my overall life experience, my inner voice, higher self, or God, if you will, hit me with the following headline, “You can’t attract wealth in this house.” I hadn’t even poured my morning cup of coffee. I was like, “Rude, but okay.” It seemed that with that one … Continue reading Inspired to Redecorate

My final post of 2020!

Click here to listen to this post. I am aware that this post is overdue but when you read what has been going on, you’ll forgive my tardiness. Early in December, while searching high and low for hot rollers for my daughter, we discovered mold in our downstairs closet which was caused by a leak … Continue reading My final post of 2020!

Day Trip-Dell ‘Osso Farm

The first time I had gone there, my 18-year-old was only a toddler, and we lost her in the maze. Which was the first stop we made on this trip (after using the port-o-potty, of course).

Day Trip: Lemo’s Farm

My aging children were not why I avoided Lemo’s; I was unwilling to face the traffic and the crowds.
Not a problem this year.

Fall Garden Update

Click here to listen to this post. October 2020 I read somewhere that a scientist once wanted to find out if plants felt any pain. So he hooked some of his plants up to a measuring device, and just as he intended to burn them, the plants reacted. So now, whenever I work with or … Continue reading Fall Garden Update

Hello (Again) Fall-2020

Fine 2020… you know what? Fine. And then Michael’s fall catalog showed up, the temperature outside dropped below 80, and I was like, I want a fall cakelet pan!

Road Trip-Bay to Bakersfield

Click here to listen to this post. July 2020, just two weeks after driving to Lost Hills, (before the freak lightning storm and subsequent wildfires) my obsession with travel centers continued. This time my road trip took me past Lost Hills and Love’s. My four-hour journey took me down Interstate 5, east on 46 and … Continue reading Road Trip-Bay to Bakersfield

Road Trip-Lost Hills, CA

Click here to listen to this post. Some take to the friendly skies, but I prefer ground travel every time. Before seatbelt laws were invented, I used to ride freestyle in the back of my parents’ car. With my feet against the back window and my back resting on the seat, I’d watch power-lines, airplanes, … Continue reading Road Trip-Lost Hills, CA

My Return to San Gregorio

The parking lot, the cliffs, the colors, the vastness, and the vibe, were not at all how I remembered.

Returning to the Beach

With all that has been going on, I’d been desperate for a beach day for months! And Oh, Happy Day, when I realized that my favorite beach had reopened in July.

Goodbye Appliances

Does the drama of my machines warrant a blog post? Under normal circumstances, absolutely not. But these are COVID times.

Rico on our fence

Goodbye Rico

Two days after Charles passed, Rico climbed over the roof into the front yard, precisely where I had found Charles. When Rico returned, he was very ill, and couldn’t walk.

1st Solo Camping Trip!

As I passed the Portola Redwoods State Park sign, I thought my heart would leap out of my chest with joy and excitement. The feeling I get when I reach the top of a roller-coaster and it descends, only this time it gained in intensity & duration.

Lulu and the Thread

Lulu started vomiting twice a day. With her food and Rico’s available, I chucked it up to a consequence of overeating. Then she stopped eating, her vomit became liquid, and I waited for a hairball. None came.

Goodbye Charles

On my way home, I saw Charles lying in the bushes. He looked half-dead, ants were already staking their claim. I bent down and called to him, but he could barely lift his head.

C-19 Binging

This is a list of the programs I streamed during COVID-19.  You may wonder why I’m posting this list, I’m asking myself the same as I type. As an information professional, I venture that one day someone may want an account of people’s lives during this time, not just corporate stats. Maybe one of my … Continue reading C-19 Binging

Our Backyard

The project gave me something else to do during April as well as something to look forward to every morning.

Jin’s New Room

Click here to listen to a recording of this post. I’m a planner. There is a stack of used Tools for Wisdom planners in my closet to prove this. During the winter of 2019, I was setting 2020 goals. A major goal was to redecorate my tween’s room, which previously belonged to her brother. I … Continue reading Jin’s New Room

Lulu’s Escape

Click here to listen to a recorded version of this post. June 2020 It wasn’t until I was getting ready to start my workout that I realized I hadn’t seen my cat, Lulu. Usually, she the first family member I see each morning. She greets me at my bedroom door, walks with me downstairs, jumps … Continue reading Lulu’s Escape


I watched the pedals spin faster and faster, and at some point, my fake steering wheel shot out onto the street. The trike jumped the curb, and together we slammed into the back of a parked car.