Jan 2021-Garden update and edibles

I wasn’t sure if I would keep this blog going, but it looks like I am, –though it’s taken me over five months to publish a new post-my bad. But I have plenty of content because 2021 has done a number on this chick so far.

So let me begin this past due post with a recap…

First, the familiar garden update. At this time my back was feeling a bit better, but my garden wasn’t. My plants seemed to be nagging at me, “feed me, change me, trim my leaves” The usual.

Here are some before and after pictures. Three days after these pictures were taken a wind storm hit. The plants look the same as the “after” pics, but the yard was a mess. It was January and I still had Christmas decorations up.

90 minutes later…

That’s the January garden update. Now let me go into the archives (i.e. my journal and image files) to find out what else occurred in January.

OH yeah!

Mid January-Bedtime during the Full MoonI tried a nibble of an edible for the first and nearly the last time. The idea to do this was sparked because I’m drafting a novel, and in it, the MC and her new friends meet every full and new moon and partake in this substance. Writers write what we know, so it had to be done—strictly for research.

It was a lovely experience. I’ll share this much. As I fell asleep, I felt a heat in my brain that came in waves, and I didn’t freak out; I just “allowed ” it to happen. I’ve been meditating daily since March 2020 and have channeled a few times, so under the influence I could channel yet again with ease.

I entered a dark space, like outer space, and around me were beings of light, like a crowd of just light beings, knitted to me and each other. I know they are always there, even when I’m awake and sober. They seem to watch us like an interactive TV show, but they carry so much love, the kind that hurts to be around, it’s painful, it made my heart hurt (chakra), and I wanted to scream—and in fact, I did. It was like when I was on my way to the Redwoods. Anyway, they feel like pure joy, like a giggling three-month-old has…pure unadulterated joy. I spoke with two who stood the closest to me, one I could see. I’ve seen her before (read: Anna Wake Up for more deets). Then my grandma, who passed years ago, reached out and had me pass on a message to my family. So that was nice.

And that was January and looking back, though my back pain persists, it was a very mild month in comparison to what came next.

Finished reading, “The Greatest Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

Listening to, “School of Greatness” podcast Lewis Howes

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