Peter Pan’s Final Adventure (in Wonderland)

Fan fiction based on the characters created by J.M. Barrie and Lewis Carroll.

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Alice darted back across her bedroom and climbed quickly up on her window seat and pushed the window open. She looked down into the garden. She had caught them again! Her governess was running into the arms of their handsome French chauffeur. They embraced briefly and then disappeared into the shadows.

“Oh, how romantic. I can’t wait to grow up,” Alice sighed.

She rested her head against the window pane and looked up into the night sky. She imagined spinning around a grand ballroom in a gown that sparkled like the stars above her. Alice stargazed for awhile until they, the stars, appeared to be moving towards her. She thought she was growing tall again like she did in Wonderland and she became frightened.

She jumped off the seat, ran to her mirror and started giggling at herself. She was her usual size. She scolded herself for imagining the worst, “Oh don’t be so silly Alice.”

“Oh don’t be silly Alice,” a boy’s voice mocked her from behind.

Alice turned around to see a boy dressed like a pirate standing in the center of her room.

“Who are you?” she demanded, “and however did you get in my room?”

“I’m Peter. Captain Peter Pan and I flew in,” Peter said matter-of-factly. He looked around the room. It was much larger and much more fanciful then he remembered.

Alice stomped her foot to gain Peter’s attention, “That is nonsense! People do not fly!” She declared.

Peter smiled at her and said, “Is that so?”

-More about this story-

This was my final project for my college children’s literature course where the assignment was to write a story combining characters from more than one story.