The Walk

The aroma of brewing coffee filled the air. I hugged my thick terrycloth robe close around my body and retrieved a mug from the cupboard. Then for some reason, I turned towards my kitchen window, pulled up the blinds, and stood holding my still-empty mug.

To the west, the quiet sky was a lovely shade of indigo blue. It was clear, still, and lightly dusted with bright twinkling stars. My eyes wandered to the east, where the stars had begun to retreat as the glow of the rising sun slowly stole the night. I looked across the sky, from left to right, east to west, indigo to orange and caught sight of a lone seagull gliding through the air, warming its wings in the earliest morning light.

I sat down at the kitchen table with my coffee. With every sip, the scene beyond the sliding glass door changed a little. The sun rose a bit higher, pushed away more stars, and brought the dark silhouetted trees closer to their natural shade of green. More birds joined the seagull to dance in the sunlight. Unlike me, the birds had not stayed in their warm nests. Instead, they were like those people I admired who greeted each day with boldness, no matter the weather.  I felt as though I was missing out on something beyond the comfort of my cozy bed.

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