The Walk

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…I opened the front door and squinted instantly in response to the sunlight, it was as though the sun was screaming at me, ordering me to retreat back inside. It was tempting, and I considered my original plan, but I still believed that there was something to discover outside. So I locked my front door and took a few steps off the front porch. The icy air sent a shiver of chills throughout my body, but inspired by the birds, I pressed on.

One foot in front of the other the sun gently warmed my body and I walked down the street, onto the main road, and past the neighborhood shopping center. I bobbed along under the clear blue sky, listening to my favorite music, utterly unperturbed by the occasional icy breeze. I walked until I reached a pathway that led to the gravel side of a county trail that runs along either side of the creek which empties into the bay.

As far as I could tell I was alone on the trail. From time to time I glanced at the variety of shrubbery and occasionally adjusted my speed to avoid a small lizard or an indecisive squirrel. The music I had playing, kept me going. Whenever the song changed, the fantasy in my head changed right along with it.  I went from dancing in a club to singing karaoke, to driving along the coast, and…