Dusk is a short story about a young mother trying to view the sunset and how quickly her plans change when she comes across a drunk, his dog, a truck driver and the dead. Featured in “Carry the Light” Vol. 2 (2013).

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Apparently, the drunk wasn’t so drunk that he couldn’t break into mini sprints in an attempt to catch up to my car. I hoped he would leave me alone, or bother the people inside the parked cars. I wondered, Why me? As I looked ahead, I realized that there was a small white delivery truck coming towards me from the opposite direction. The driver was keeping his vehicle close to the hillside fence possibly, like me, to avoid the potential damaging potholes. Briefly, I saw something move near the back of the truck and then disappear behind it. I dismissed it as nothing but a hallucination brought on by my stressed out mind. As the distance between our vehicles lessoned, I slowed and edged towards the parked cars in order to give the truck driver more room.

Using my driver side mirror, I kept an eye on the persistent drunk who was limping quickly in the middle of the lane; still trying to catch up to my car. I knew the moment the truck driver saw him because he broke too hard and a gust of sand and small stones kicked up from behind the truck’s tires.