My final post of 2020!

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I am aware that this post is overdue but when you read what has been going on, you’ll forgive my tardiness.

Early in December, while searching high and low for hot rollers for my daughter, we discovered mold in our downstairs closet which was caused by a leak in our 2nd-story bathroom. I have a new appreciation for changing hair trends. Additionally, we’ve blamed poor home design on our (decades-long) battle with mold in that bathroom. It turned out that the bathroom fan made it to the attic but wasn’t venting to the outside; it was venting into a wall.

Let me preface with, I shampoo, sweep and swifter my kitchen floor, but as a single mother of four, I’ve avoided the grout issue in my kitchen for 16 years. And I’m not even ashamed. The idea of leaving baking powder in the cracks and letting it soak for hours, then scrubbing for more hours sounded…like lots of curse words.  But then the guy who came to diagnose the closet mold commented on my grout, “I got something to clean that.” Now so do I. It’s the Rejuvenate Deep Cleaner and Grout Brush System.

I finally broke down and bought that rug I’d been wanting.

We ordered bulky garbage service earlier this year, and by mid-December, we needed to order another. There seemed to be a lot of letting go of crap this year. I think that was the point, though.

We celebrated my youngest’s birthday with cake, presents, and a video call to grandma who helped us sing, “Happy Birthday”

Lulu got cold and passed out on my bed. I moved and she growled at me for the first time. I didn’t know cats could growl.

Christmas Eve

My back being what it was and still is, it was pizza for dinner. I haven’t made Christmas cookies in years; It’s been over a decade, but 2020 and my youngest had me at it again.

Christmas morning, my youngest wanted pancakes; regular, blueberry, and chocolate chip.  I had all my babies with me, and after eating, opening gifts, and making our video calls, we thought of nothing better to do than getting in our cars and find out which one was the fastest. Dinner was light, and the dessert was cheesecake.

My eldest daughter was in a car accident. The car rolled three or four times. She came out with a cracked rib.

New Year’s Eve

Like most people, I stayed in and made final revisions on **The Beautiful One**. The story takes place on New Year’s Eve, so I felt like I got to celebrate. I published it around midnight.

Year-End Reflection

For me, 2020 was about navigating the constant unpredictable change that came up in my life with as much “go with the flow” energy as I could. Most days were good because I continually sought goodness, even in the smallest way. But there were those days that were like eating a mini pretzel while it’s hooked in my tongue-ring; an effing challenge. If you’re reading this, you survived. One of the first things I did in 2021 was list all that I received, tangible and intangible, in 2020. That list made me feel grateful for 2020.

Link to letting go of 2020 and brining in 2021 video

And with this post I’m officially done with the 2020 blog posts.

Happy New Year!

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