My 2000 Mile Road Trip

As I mentioned in my last post, I was inspired to redecorate my home earlier this year. During that time, I was inspired to purchase a small vase from a small garden center in Ontario, Oregon (the only place I could find it).

The only issue was that they could not ship the item and suggested I not buy the vase unless I planned to take a “road trip.”  I placed the order, and they agreed to hold it for me until late June.

At the time, somewhere deep down, I knew it wasn’t about the vase; it was about the journey I needed to take to get it.

There was also a tentative travel plan in play.

I needed to drop my daughter off in Vegas early in June. She would stay in Vegas till the end of the month, and I would meet my mother in Lake Tahoe at the end of the month, then take my daughter up through Idaho to Ontario to pick up the vase.

One of my cousins got word, and we then tentatively set up a caravan to Idaho—she was looking for property.

Basically, the trip got messy really fast. I went over the google map, the hotels, and the mileage I’d be adding to Toby, who had just hit 100k.

I decided to let it be; give it to the universe if you will.

A couple of weeks before the trip, I woke with an image in my mind (I love those spiritual postcards) of a google map with a line from Nevada to Oregon. A little instruction from the universe to pick up my vase right after I drop my daughter off in Vegas.

A lot less messy-sorry, cuz.

I was of two minds about taking a 2000 mile solo trip. On the one hand, that was a lot of miles into the unknown. On the other hand, I felt like that camping trip to Portola Redwoods State Park, and those trip to lost hills were like the universes way of prepping me for this big trip. And there is this point, whenever I got nervous or scared, I ask myself would it be worse not to…

Go on the camping trip?

Redecorate the house?

Drive to two new-to-me states and deal everything that goes with it alone?

Usually, the answer is “yes” because I am too damn curious to discover who I become once I finish it. I care very little about who I was, who I’ve become, and more curious about who I can be, if that makes sense.

Before taking the trip, I needed to make sure that Toby was good to go, so between Nissan and my son, Toby got upgraded and road ready.

I’d driven to Vegas at least three times, so that was the easy part, and I’d have my daughter with me.

We arrived in Vegas and checked into the Hotel.

Then we had dinner at Red Robin. In the same parking lot was The Cupcakery, where I bought my daughter the most expensive cupcake I’ve ever paid for. I asked her how it was. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “it was okay” I told her that for the same price my cousin could have, “made at least 64 to die for cupcakes.”

The next day we met up with my mother and took a day trip to Laughlin, NV, and Bullhead City, AZ (just so I could say I went to Arizona)

We went to Don Laughlin’s Classic Car Museum. We then took a two-hour tour on the Colorado River at over 113 degrees. The boat tour included a recorded history of the area, which was inspiring. I would do it again…in the winter.

The next day we met up with my dad and took a trip to a different part of the Hoover Dam portion of the Colorado River. O.H., I stepped into Arizona again!

Like I said, driving the Bay Area to Vegas was the easy part. Once I booked my hotel in Wells, Nevada, six hours away, I had no fear about getting on the road. I enjoyed the scenery for an hour before realizing I’d been driving towards Utah for an hour!  (and now I know why my dad only trusts physical maps).

Once I was on the correct road, the landscape changed a lot over the next several hours (Below- pics from the drive from Vegas to Wells)

I had gone from a still 113 degrees in Bullhead City, AZ to Wells, NV, where the wind was around 16 miles per hour with gusts around 23mph, and Toby’s door nearly blew off when I opened it. According to the hotel staff, it was usual for that area.

The next morning I greeted the mountains and said goodbye to Wells with a complimentary cup of coffee from the gas station stop on the way out. The drive from Wells to my vase in Ontario was four and half hours away.

I took 93 north, then avoiding Twin Falls; I got on the 30, which runs along the Snake River. This turned out to be the most beautiful part of my road trip. I mostly have it on video, which I may put on YouTube in the future. I then got on 84 towards Boise.

Once I picked up my vase, I got on 95 south to began the four-hour drive to Winnemucca, Nevada. The drive from Ontario to Winnemucca started off so lovely. The only other places that come close are Yosemite and Kauai. I started off going through these charming little farms placed on rolling hills and there were layers of hills, and mountains and then the sky was so beautiful. I took video but was to in awe to take pics. My bad.

The video version has some dark and colorful words about this hotel and the charming town of Winnemucca. The short version, after driving over eight hours through three states…I did not have a good night’s sleep.

The following day I got a prolonged start to my six-hour drive home. I did not listen to books as planned. I lost internet for hours in some places but thankfully I have satellite for directions and music. The trip wasn’t as big of a taboo as other people made it out to be. I’m sure I’ll be doing it again at some point.

And that is it for this post. My next post is about my road trip to Lake Tahoe/Stateline, NV

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