Fall Update

Let’s talk about the weather.

It was just last night that I needed to., that’s right, I needed to cover myself with my sheet and bedspread and my big flannel blanket. I considered putting on some socks, but my bed was so cozy I opted not to.

The temperature had finally dropped.

Today I checked the weather before going on my morning walk; it was finally under 60 degrees. When I exited my car at the regional park, I felt the wind at my back. Not just wind, an icy breeze. Could it be? Could fall have finally arrived? I made my way uphill on the trail, then turned the corner and saw the bay. The bay waters were not their usual, bird-laden calm. It was rough, making it hard for the giant white pelican to stay afloat in his usual spot.

Nearing the end of my three-mile walk, I turned towards ‘Lizard Rock Trail’s unpaved terrain and felt the nippy wind again. It was as if Alaska said, sorry I took so long to get here, but here’s my frosty wind. Enjoy.

Coyote Hills ~ Fall 2021


I very much enjoy TV shows that take place in a small-town America, i.e., Gilmore Girls, The Ranch, One Tree Hill, etc., probably because I dream of living in a small town or, better put, a much less populated area. A place where you have time to read a magazine or a book without the constant background noise of the city.

But most of all, I imagine that the slowing down that comes with fall, the ability to sip your coffee, and notice that the leaves are changing color is better in a small town.  One of my friends recently took off for the east coast; I envied how she would get to see the explosion of fall foliage.

But recent events in my life have changed me. Where I used to see (and get frustrated by) stoplights, traffic, and overpopulation, I suddenly find myself driving down my street or even along 880, oblivious to the traffic. Instead, I finally appreciate all the trees and their changing leaves: the yellows, oranges, the bright reds, and the deep ones. Even on my walks, where I stomp the same path each day, I’ve delighted in watching those trees’ leaves changing, from green, to red or yellow. And even the tree just outside my living room and bedroom window has white buds in the spring. Now her green leaves are turning red, some brown, and as soon as the winter storms come through, she’ll have none until next spring. But till recently, I hadn’t appreciated that what I deemed only available in small towns is also available to me now, even in the bay area. So now I sip my morning coffee, enjoying the changing leaves and the wind and rain that comes around this time of year.

Me versus the bread maker (an update).

I finally figured out where I’d gone wrong with the bread maker years ago. I kept opening and closing the lid while the bread was baking, which was a big no-no. Also, I may have or may not have measured perfectly; how Ms. Lacy taught me in her middle school home economics class. That said, I succeeded at making an excellent loaf of cinnamon raisin bread. It received five-star reviews from my family, and the next time I made it, I used the slices to make french toast. I love the smell the bread maker creates, even though I’m unable to enjoy the results.

Fall cooking

Cooler weather always puts me in bread making (and, more importantly, eating) mood. So I made myself some gluten, sugar, oil, butter-free banana bread, and pumpkin spice bread. One slice per day with my afternoon coffee. I’ve also successfully transitioned from salad to soup. Homemade split pea soup was my first creation of the season. Butternut squash soup will be in the bowl tonight.

Fall Decorating (inside)

Also, at home, with all of the clutter finally removed from my spring redecorating project, I was able to decorate for fall. See the video below. Next up, decorating the backyard!


I am in the process of making some of my paperback journals and notebooks available as hardcovers (woot! woot!) Below are two. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook as I will be posting those updates as they happen. Also, I’m changing some of the matte covers to glossy, which is what I prefer. Links in the sidebar.