Poem-Grey Matter

Grey Matter

Yosemite Stream by Stacy Sorrells

Maybe I should be

sound asleep right now

But I am far too awake for sleeping

Sometimes I wonder, should take that leap?

but some mistakes aren’t worth repeating

I’ve broken more hearts than I should

Should I move right now or shall I stay still?

Assumptions, speculations, waste of my time

A season is enough to cure my ills

Today or forever, you’ll never be mine

Regrets of Honey, consequences of lies

Food for comfort,

Movement calms frilled nerves

Too many hearts filled with angry goodbyes

Locked in a cage, the purpose love serves

Know the rules before you break them.

I know the rules,

now when shall I break them?

Sitting shivering, in this cold

and everything is as it should be

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