This is a short story about a young mother, her abusive boyfriend, and a few angels.

“Dusk” is a short story about an eventful evening near the coast involving a truck driver, a dog, and his drunk.

This was a fun little project written in the voice of the child.

This is a fan-fiction mash-up where Peter (Pan) mistakenly takes Alice (from Wonderland) to the Neverland, where everything has changed.

“The Walk” is an award-winning short story about getting outdoors and taking a walk.

Click here to read about my current work in progress.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Day Trip-Dell ‘Osso Farm
    The first time I had gone there, my 18-year-old was only a toddler, and we lost her in the maze. Which was the first stop we made on this trip (after using the port-o-potty, of course).
  • Day Trip: Lemo’s Farm
    My aging children were not why I avoided Lemo’s; I was unwilling to face the traffic and the crowds. Not a problem this year.
  • Fall Garden Update
    I read somewhere that a scientist wanted to find out if plants feel pain. So he hooked some up to a measuring device, and just as he intended to burn them, the plants reacted. So whenever I work with or … Continue reading Fall Garden Update