Contemporary short story about a young mother, her sick mother, her abusive boyfriend and a few angels.

“Dusk” is based on a dream I had about an eventful evening near the coast.

Fun little project written in the voice of a child.

A fan-fiction mash-up of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.

An award winning short story about taking a walk.

A bit about what I’m currently working on.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Hello (Again) Fall
    Fine 2020… you know what? Fine. And then Michael’s fall catalog showed up, the temperature outside dropped below 80, and I was like, I want a fall cakelet pan!
  • Road Trip-Bay to Bakersfield
    Two weeks after driving to Lost Hills (before the freak lightning storm and subsequent wildfires) my obsession with travel centers continued. This time my road trip took me past Lost Hills and Love’s. My four-hour journey took me down Interstate … Continue reading Road Trip-Bay to Bakersfield
  • Road Trip-Lost Hills, CA
    Some take to the friendly skies, but I prefer ground travel every time. Before seatbelt laws were invented, I used to ride freestyle in the back of my parents’ car. With my feet against the back window and my back … Continue reading Road Trip-Lost Hills, CA