Using Real-life in Fiction

I was on the fence about attending the writer’s group that day. Though I had worked on one of our prompts, “revising and old workshop piece” I did not have a final draft to present. On the other hand, I had been actively writing all week and did not want to break the momentum. In the end, I decided to attend the meeting, to listen and support my fellow authors. I had my sloppy draft piece with me just in case.

I stayed quiet for most of the meeting, enjoying the writings of my fellow authors. During the session, the topic of writer’s block <writer’s block post link >came up. Here, we also discussed how to use breaks from writing as opportunities to take real-life moments and use them in our fiction. I can sometimes have zero to write but once I’m in the shower or, cooking dinner or taking out the trash, ideas rush in. I shared how I am purposely working slowly on a few projects because so much inspiration from my real life needs to take place to richen those stories. In any case, because my draft touched on both our prompt and our discussion, I decided to share it.

Before reading, I explained that my original draft was written during our previous writers’ group/workshop where we were instructed to write about a physical object; I chose to write about a photograph in my room not thinking much of it at the time. I used the feedback I received during the workshop, to revise and insert the short piece into a larger project and I really liked how it had made the story better.

When I finished reading, one of my fellow authors complemented the piece and though I was grateful, the most important thing was sharing how we can take“writer’s blocks” and real-life moments to inspire and improve other writing projects.

Check out my Coming Soon page to read the piece I shared with the group.

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