Stacy Sorrells

~ Contemporary Fiction ~

Photo credit, John Paul


I’m Stacy, an Award-Winning Indie Author and Poet. Local awards they may be, but if I don’t toot my horn, who will? I am a lot of things but on most days…

I am a reader.

As a child, I enjoyed reading books like the Fabulous Five, Sweet Valley High, and the entire ready-set-grow series. As an adult, I’ve enjoyed Twilight and Harry Potter, but more recently, I listen to books by authors like Brene Brown, Mel Robbins, Abraham Hicks, and Napoleon Hill. Personal growth type stuff.

I am a writer.

My path to writing began with journaling back in elementary school (I still have all of my journals!). I wrote some poems and short stories but didn’t take writing seriously until 2008, leading me to my B.A. in creative writing. I enjoy writing contemporary fiction that touches on sensitive issues such as toxic relationships, self-discovery, spirituality, and romance.  So far, my short stories have been described as “unique,” “raw,” and “surprisingly dark.” Keep reading, and you’ll understand why.

I am an artist.

Images that lead to letters on the page first play out like a movie in my head, but with art, I look at a blank page or screen and see the finished product. So I just fill in the lines with pencil or, more recently, digital means as I’ve started making journals, planners, and printables.

I am a lifelong learner.

A Cosmetologist turned Information Professional with a master’s degree in Library and Information Science, and I love tooting my horn about that too because that degree was hard to achieve with four kids and the fact that…

I am a survivor.

I was a child and adult victim of physical, emotional, and verbal abuse and am in recovery from PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Tragic as it is, I often use these life experiences in my writing, like Clarissa in “The Beautiful One,” her mantra and hypervigilance, and in “Anna, Wake Up,” i.e., the unique, raw, and surprisingly dark stuff.

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