Getting Excited about Fall

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Am I sitting here in the Bay Area in 85-degree heat with a lit pumpkin scented candle?


And did I have my first pre-season Pumpkin Spice Latte today?

I sure did.

Late August, the temperature dropped a bit, cooling the morning air and making it difficult to get out of bed. This happened last year and my response was the same.

Oh, the coziness of it all, and I was like, “It feels like fall!”

I knew it was just a prequel to a few more weeks of blazing heat. However, with just that sampling of fall weather, I found myself going to the local Dollar Tree to find fall-themed décor for my backyard. I was a bit disappointed because while Michael’s and I were ready, Dollar Tree was still getting in their fall merchandise.

Cashier: Did you find everything you needed?

Me: I couldn’t find the fall window clings.

Cashier: We’re still receiving our fall inventory so maybe check back later in the week.

Did I look online at Pottery Barn, Pier One, Williams Sonoma, and Pinterest for fall decorating inspiration?

You bet I did!

A personal challenge!

I remember coming out of meditation during the brief break in hot weather, and I could practically smell fresh bread coming from my bread maker.  And with that, I decided that this year I would make that bread maker my bitch. You see,  since receiving the device around seven years ago, I’ve only succeeded at making one half baked loaf of bread, and that temperamental appliance has been collecting dust in a dark cupboard ever since.

The difference I find, between the oven and the bread maker is that, the moment I turn the machine on, the scent fills the house with bakery vibes. And in 2021 I need that.

Having decided to master the appliance, I quickly consulted her instruction manual. Side note, as a gen-Xer, I normally get along fine without manuals.

But, I read the directions, the helpful tips and reviewed some recipes. And I discovered that she (my bread maker) can make more than just bread, including pizza crust and jam!. The winter bread and cinnamon raisin bread recipes were not enough. On the internet, I found the recipe for pumpkin spice bread (which I will of modify to conserve calories). This time, I ordered the proper ingredients, bread flour, yeast, dry milk, etc. Updates to come.

Forcing Fall

Once the anticipated heatwave returned, I continued to force fall into my experience, lighting my Michael’s Pumpkin Pie candle and playing autumn ASMR videos while I work. I also started logging my autumn recipes into my diet app, so I can space out those cold weather comfort foods accordingly because I intend to enjoy them all.

Today’s post has been sponsored by me and this cute 6” x 9” fall-inspired journal. It contains 128 lightly decorated alternating college ruled and dot grid pages. Perfect for both writing down thoughts, or adding in fall stickers or images.

Below is my recipe for Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s modified from Gemma’s bigger, bolder baking. Her recipe calls for brewed coffee but I make espresso-like coffee using the specialty setting on my Ninja Coffee Maker which is why I add the vanilla extract. Add more sugar if needed.