Inspired to Redecorate

In May, after weeks of frustration with my overall life experience, my inner voice, higher self, or God, if you will, hit me with the following headline,

“You can’t attract wealth in this house.”

I hadn’t even poured my morning cup of coffee.

I was like, “Rude, but okay.”

It seemed that with that one statement, my eyes were opened to the fact that I have raised four children in this home, and three of them were now adults. I still had a crayon, marker, kitchen floor stains, and dirty tiny handprints all over the house. For so long, I kept those as reminders, memories, and proof of my hard work.

But I am no longer a mother of itty bitty ones, and my house needed to reflect the fact that I am a grown **s woman with a master’s degree.

It felt like my higher self took possession of my body, and she was not shy with the inspirational visions and end goal of what needed to be manifested by me.  She had no shame visiting Home Depot multiply times per week (I’m not even joking), nor did she have an issue with whipping out the credit card. Yes, I questioned my sanity, but I knew I had to go through the process.

It had to be done.

Every wall, door, and windowsill was either washed or painted or both. Every carpet, tile, window, and mirror was cleaned. I bought new furniture and furnishings and got rid of the old by either donation or dumpster. It was like spring cleaning on crack. When I finished a room or area, I totally forgot what it looked like just minutes or hours before, so I started to document the journey.

Here is the Instagram link –> to the before and after pictures I posted during the process if you are interested.  

Honestly, there were times that I broke down and cried, like that uncontrollable soul healing type of sob.

By the power of ibuprofen, the determination of my higher self, and Starbucks Venti Iced caramel macchiatos, the phenomenon of inspiration and manifestation,  grief, and illation happened every day for seven weeks until I got the official, “You’re done, you can relax now.”

And I did relax. I marveled at what I had accomplished in just a few weeks with a messed up back.

I know when it comes to raising one’s vibration, it is never about just one thing. Though I was only working on my physical world (via spiritual guidance), my emotional, mental worlds were positively affected.  There was satisfaction in finishing a project. Also, while working, I started thinking about two characters from a couple of stories I’m drafting who would have had a similar experience. My redecorating project experience was deepening their stories, making them richer characters.

During the weeks that followed the initial transformation, I smiled stupidly at my newly painted walls, and the hotel room like feel of my bedroom and felt so much gratitude for the experience. Busy work or spiritual journey, this “new version” of my house feels just right.