Day Trip: Lemo’s Farm

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In my last post, I stated that my plan this fall is to go all-in with decorations, sweet treats, and events (well, as much as COVID restrictions allow this year).

Mid-September 2020, I searched for local pumpkin patches. Sadly, our usual stomping grounds were still COVID closed. But the pumpkin patch at Lemo’s Farm off Highway 92 was open. This was a place I took my children when they were well under the age of ten. As I write this, my youngest is nearly thirteen. It’s been a while.

The one thing I’ve missed year after year was Lemo’s pumpkin ice cream, which I craved annually like a proper pumpkin spice addict. My aging children were not the only reason I avoided Lemo’s; I was unwilling to face the traffic and the crowds.

Not a problem this year.

Like everywhere else, Covid rules changed Lemo’s. We had to purchase entry tickets in advance online (morning or afternoon sessions were available). The ticket price included the goat pen, haunted house, train, and hayrides.

The drive from my home to the coast is short, so we headed out late morning on a weekday. (Can you tell how much I love crowds?)

And If I can suspend reality to read both Harry Potter and Twilight series, well, I can pretend the smoke from the wildfires is just plain old fog.

Photo-That’s not fog folks.

We pulled into the driveway at Lemo’s and headed towards the back parking lot. In previous years, we’d have to park far from the entrance. This year was the emptiest I’d ever seen it.

We exchanged our tickets for wristbands at a booth near the entrance and walked in. Social distancing and mask-wearing rules were naturally in place.  There were maybe 2-3 other small families there.

Our first stop (after the restroom) was the goat pen. We spent a lot of time at the goat pen.

Never knew they had a chicken.
The kids found a cat and spend a lot of time giving he/she some love.

There was a long discussion about entering the Haunted House. I stayed outside with my youngest, but the teens went in. The lights were on, so that it wasn’t scary. But then an employee came over while they were still inside, and I told him the lights were on.  He offered the scary option, and I said, “My teenagers are in there. Let’s get um.”

He shut off the lights (which spooked them) then scared the teens on their way out.

Without the crowd, we were able to enjoy the entire farm.

We rode the train and after some snacks, we went on the hayride.

Photo taken from the train.

Then it was time for my real reason for going; pumpkin ice cream. And since I’m feeling reckless with my diet, I bought cinnamon and pumpkin spiced donuts too.

No regrets.
Not one.

And after selecting our pumpkins…. I bought another scoop of ice cream to go.

We spent almost three hours there, enjoying the venue nestled in nature.

The staff was helpful, cheery, and relaxed. It was a great day and no lie, I’m probably going to back…for some ice cream.

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