Hello (Again) Fall-2020

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It was a week of high temperatures. So hot that in the evenings, my neighbors and I kept the windows open inviting the cooler air to invade our sauna-like homes. Around 3am, I woke to my neighbor yelling out in terror.

Squinty eyed, I went to my window. My neighbor was also at his window, looking above and beyond my roof. I could only imagine it was a UFO flying towards us.

(Oh, like you wouldn’t this year)

There was a flash of lightning and then a rumble of thunder. I rolled my eyes and climbed back in bed. Any bit of sleep that night was a luxury. The lightning was easy to block out, but the thunder vibrated the entire house.

The next day news sources reported 12000 lightning strikes that lasted 72 hours; I experienced it for seven.

A day or so later, I smelled smoke and was told that mother nature’s tantrum led to several wildfires, including Big Basin Redwoods State Park where I’d reserved a campsite for September 2nd.

Fine 2020… you know what? Fine.

And then Michael’s fall catalog showed up, the temperature outside dropped below 80, and I was like, I want a fall cakelet pan!

I know people who would rather eat a plain old donut than a pumpkin spice anything. If that applies to you, thank you for reading thus far, but you should close the window because I’m about to word vomit FALL all over the rest of this post.  Subscribe using the links on the right–>.

And it begins…

The temperature drops, and you reach for your snuggy or heated throw. Then the ads come in, and Bath and Body Works have a fall candle sale. That candle makes your mouth water, so you end up buying pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts and a baked treat to go with it. Me too, and I’ll deal with my Pumpkin Spice Latte addiction later.

The contrast between last year and this one so far makes me grateful for my 2019 fall adventures, which I dove into after a long, crowded-avoiding, absence. Perhaps intuitively knowing that this year was going to go sideways.

As of today only the Zoo is open. 

It’s unfortunate, but I’ve decided to ignore the COVID-cray as best I can and dive into the rest of the year with a sence of graditude.

I hope you do too.

In light of it being the first day of fall, check out these links, history, traditions, and images for this time of year.




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