My Return to San Gregorio

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August 2020

I hadn’t visited San Gregorio State Beach since I was very young, and after writing about it in my post about Half Moon Bay State beach here, I suddenly had the urge.

The parking lot costs $8 per day, the cliffs, the colors, the vastness, the vibe, and the pond were not at all how I remembered.

My daughter and I brought a few snacks, and I told her my memories about the place as we made our way down to the beach.

It was less crowded than Half Moon Bay State Beach; well, fewer people, more birds (seagulls and pelicans). The sand, though littered with baby crab shells, was much gentler on our bare feet, making it an ideal place to walk and talk.

Where’d the pond go?

At one point my daughter and I spotted a crab lodged in the sand. We tried to help him/her, but he/she seemed damned determined to be seagull food.

Picture of a seagull slowly eating a crab-Peace out, homie.
Picture of a hole in the sand-I feel like I started this hole decades ago.
Picture-I found this alcove, which I semi-remember from childhood.

Overall, San Gregorio was much more relaxing than Half Moon Bay even later in the day when crowds of people started showing up. I recommend walking south along the beach where there are a few driftwood sculptures made by beach visitors.

On the way back to my car, my mouth flooded with the taste of ham and cheese sandwich. I hadn’t had one in years. I realized that KFC was not our only staple during childhood beach trips. In fact, we may have only had it only once. Childhood trips to the beach often included sandwiches; salami, ham, and cheese (and dare I admit bologna?); all on white bread and bathed in condiments. I preferred PB&J.

My daughter retreated to the car while I climbed up the cliff to get a few more photos.

Rounding out the trip down memory lane was a stop at a food-stand, off E-92 for some honeycomb.  Did you know you can put it in your coffee?

Picture of Toby at the food stand

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