C-19 Gallery

March 20th 2020- Waiting outside TJ’s before it opened. I was grateful to be waiting to buy groceries, instead of standing in line to get to family court. Glad those days have passed.
March 25 2020-Decided to toss my Lei (and Chocolate) from my Graduation in 2018. Thanks Ally but I had to make room for groceries.
March 30th- Arabian Horses grazing near the trail-head. I just learned that a horse’s heart is so powerful that if your heart is out of spiritual alignment, standing within 20 feet of a horse will get it right.
March 31 2020- Right side of blue tape, dirty, left side bleached. Did this for awhile. Anyone else?
April 8 2020-Do you remember that tuna melt that kept showing up on social media? I made a vegan version.
April 10 2020-Chubb rock Chubb
April Fools Day 2020- “Hi Moo-head!”
April 15th 2020-She’s asleep
April 15 2020- Solve. Homeschooling
April 16 2020-This bird likes to people watch.
April 16 2020- Stopping to appreciate the wildflowers
April 16 2020- And another one.
May 2020-My daughter’s 18th Birthday.