C-19 Binging

This is a list of the programs I streamed during COVID-19.  You may wonder why I’m posting this list, I’m asking myself the same as I type. As an information professional, I venture that one day someone may want an account of people’s lives during this time, not just corporate stats. Maybe one of my great-grandchildren wants to know, and I won’t recall.

Let me point out that many of the programs I ended up watching were void of violence as this time of our lives has been stressful enough. I could go full IP and add, genres, reviews, and links, but that would be overkill (yes, the post itself might be overkill for this tab, but for whatever reason, I’m pushed to post it.)  

Top five faves are at the bottom of this post.

-My C-19 Binge List-

On March 29th, I signed up for Sundance Now to watch “A Discovery of Witches.” (Book) which was marketed as “Twilight for grown ups” I loved Twilight and this series, binged it in under a week.

Netflix hooked me with the following, listed in order starting 3/20/2020

Self-Made: Inspired by the life of Madam C. J. Walker (first heard her name in Cosmetology school)


Legacies – S2

Guess Who?

Minority Report

All American – S1+2

The Last Kingdom-S4 (book/the Saxon Stories)

Dangerous Lies

The Wrong Missy (Don’t judge)

Wine Country (needed a laugh)

Sweet Magnolias – S1

The Healer

A Little Chaos (afterward I looked up campgrounds near Versailles)

I had previously watched all seasons of Fuller House, but I can’t get through S5E1, the laugh track feels like a lie. I (It’s rated #3 on Netflix).  

13 Reasons Why- S4E1,9+10 and scrubbed through most of it. 


Very early on, I watched Frozen II with my tween; I loved it more than the 1st.

Star Wars 4 through 9-The films came out in 1977, but it was my first time watching this portion of the series. I skipped a lot of battle scenes, though. I once said I’ll only watch the series if God strikes me down with some long term illness. Well, it was the planet, and it was COVID-19. I see what all the fuss is about; grand story.

Maleficent Mistress of Evil

Do you know what a Disney chaser is? When you watch a scary movie late at night and need a Disney movie to fall asleep. Well, the world is on cray mode right now so I go to sleep almost every night with Disney’s Cars on. I listen to Sheryl Crows “Real gone” and Rascal Flats “Life is a Highway” and am usual out right around Kenny G’s “Songbird.” Why Cars? it’s probably the small-town feel, the references to Monument Valley and Route 66 (which I plan to fully explore one day.) and… see Bicycles.


Little Fires Everywhere (book)


The Gifted

The Handmaids Tale (which I should have skipped/book)

Grey’s Anatomy

Big Little Lies-2 (book)


Caroline Myss-Sacred Power (book)


Inner Evolution


Escape the Matrix

Various meditation and yoga practices.


Garden Answer-She may have influenced me to address my backyard.

Heather Robertson (Workouts)

Various RV channels (Life-goals)

My TOP 5 picks for C-19 binging and why

Sweet Magnolias–I’ve always liked shows with small town settings, like Gilmore Girls, Hart of Dixie, Virgin River, etc.  When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought, “Oh heck no,” but I binged. When season one ended, I looked into getting the books. Light, small town drama. (The last episode was rough, though).

Frozen II – I thought there were a lot of timely spiritual messages in this film.

The Healer – Small town setting where a healer struggles to accept his calling.  

The Last Kingdom – G.O.T. ended and well who can resist Uhtred?

Caroline Myss-Sacred Power (book) – It’s always a good time for inner work.