Jin’s New Room

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I’m a planner. There is a stack of used Tools for Wisdom planners in my closet to prove this.

During the winter of 2019, I was setting 2020 goals. A major goal was to redecorate my tween’s room, which previously belonged to her brother.

Before-Rome’s Room

I spent weeks asking my daughter Jin what she wanted until the perfect image of her room formed in our minds. She chose her wall colors from swatches, furniture from IKEA, and layout. By the morning of March 12th 2020, I had purchased everything and planned to work in Jin’s room at the end of the month, i.e., spring break.

That day at work, I received text messages from cousins who lived in the Bay Area at least 45 minutes from me in both directions. Their children’s schools had been temporarily COVID closed one after the other. By the end of the same day, the list of closed schools included the ones near to me. Public programs at our job site were canceled. We didn’t know what we were to expect as employees. The common phrase among administrators was, “everything is changing so quickly,”

On March 13th, I received an email that my daughter’s school would be closed for 3 weeks.

I had taken Saturday, March 14th off to attend a birthday party which had been COVID Canceled. And even though I had not received the “ready for pickup” email, an intuitive nudge had my daughter and me driving to IKEA to pick up her new furniture. Social distancing was not official, body buffer zones were invaded, and the weird vibe kept most from smiling.

Bonus fry! All of her items were ready for pickup! (Thanks Universe)

We bought cinnamon rolls, and an ice cream cone, an IKEA tradition. Then we Tetris filled my Rogue with a bedroom in boxes and headed home.

As of Sunday, March 15th, I could still work but my job was closed to the public.

Things were indeed changing quickly.

Jin’s room nearly done.

By March 18th, my job closed their doors to employees, as did IKEA.  I had been reluctant to drive to IKEA the day I did because shopping on the weekend meant crowds and long lines. But the universe kept saying: You will need something to keep busy. And busy, I was. Instead of feeling weighed down by the gloom that comes with uncertainty, I spent days putting my daughter’s room together.

According to my planner, I finished her bedroom a week and a half early, and Jin loves it. Her energy improved despite being home-schooled and not being able to see her friends. She attended class ZOOM meetings with pride from her new desk in her perfect room.