Fall Transitions-Fear, Acceptance and the New

Greetings World, I hope your Halloween was Spooky and Sweet (if you celebrated)

So on my post Welcoming Fall I expressed that fall is my favorite time of year because;

1) It gets colder outside and I just love gloomy weather

More and more leaves on the ground

More and more leaves on the ground


2) It my time to reflect on the pile of emotional, physical and spiritual debris that’s piled up over the year. My intention is to clean house and make room for the “new.” New could be anything, ideas, habits, people, opportunities; anything worth taking into the coming seasons.

Now I’m going to talk a tiny bit about what its like discovering the, “new normal.”


Shortly after posting my “Welcoming Fall” post I read Kristen Lambs blog, http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/2013/10/07/doubt-fear-false-alarms-giving-birth-to-our-dreams/ which was about fear. It was exacltly what I was looking for <I love when that happens>. Fear paralyzes us physically, emotionally and mentally and for no real reason. We become paralyzed by something we’ve made up.Believe me, I’ve been there.

ScaryCrow by Stacy

ScaryCrow by Stacy

After reading Mrs. Lambs post and reflecting on some things said in the workshop, I realized that I had developed a fear that had me holding back in my writing. Once I accepted and dealt with that, I understood the significance. When I don’t always present my best writing, when I hold back out of fear, I’m also not growing, which is what we all want; well most of us anyway.

That’s something to take with me into the next season, to not hold back, to let go of irrational fears.

Making room for the “New”

In order to make room for the new (or previously neglected) we honestly have to do some housecleaning. I found my inspiration to clean house on Books and Such, where Rachelle Gardner admits to the things she has given up in order to pursue her passions. http://www.booksandsuch.biz/blog/what-have-you-given-up-for-writing/ Another thing I read exactly when I needed to.

Lastly, I’ve had this website for almost year now and am dedicated to using it. But with kids, family, school and such Oh and NaNoWriMo which starts today!!! I knew I wasn’t going to have time to keep keep this blog updated. The answer to this dilemma came instantly; UN-PUBLISH “Poetry and Prose.” And taking yet another page from Author Jamie Debree (who publishes her serial drafts on her website) let my readers enjoy “Poetry and Prose” for FREE. That’s right every few days throughout the month of November, I will post a poem or a short story just for you! A win-win for us all! I love when that happens!

Well, time to put a dent in that 50K!


Update: As suggested by author/blogger Jamie Debree (I feel a bit like her accidental publicist by the way) I’ve republished “Poetry and Prose” minus the Fan Fiction piece “Peter’s Adventure with Alice”. The e-book should be available soon. You can read “Peter’s Adventure with Alice” on Thanksgiving Day here.


2 thoughts on “Fall Transitions-Fear, Acceptance and the New

  1. I love fall too. And I’m working really hard to send you some more fall-like weather. 🙂

    But why would you unpublish “Poetry and Prose”?! Leave it up there…unless it’s in Select or something, you can still share sections of it while it’s published, and then if people read something here they like, they can go buy the volume!

    Good luck with NaNo…here’s to many new words this month!

    • Thank you, finally our days are book-ended with cold weather, it still gets warm mid day but at least its not 80 degrees.

      Good idea I had not even considered that. I will republish it then.

      Thanks! re:Nano and you too!

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